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New High Bay / Corn Cob / LED Retro / Super Strip Lighting Wisconsin

New High Bay / Corn Cob / LED Retro / Super Strip

High Bay Lighting The Way It Should Be...bright and cheerful. 4 different solutions. Retrofit LED, New LED Fixture, Corn Cob, Or New LED Super Strip.

Retrofit your High Bay Light with an LED and eliminate your maintenance and reduce your energy cost

Finally there are choices for High Bay Lighting that will actually give you daylight bright white light that you will love. Retrofit your High and Low Bay Lights to an LED and save up to 80% in Energy Cost And Eliminate Your Lighting Maintenance For Decades!

Power and Light Innovations has the answers to your High Bay Lighting Needs. Not with the standard lighting you are use to but with LED lights that make your facility look like daytime all the time. The first question we ask is how high is your ceiling? This is so important!

Most existing High Bay lighting does not get the light down to the floor to give you the light you need. We have LED Retrofit lights that will take you from 5 foot candles to 20 foot candles. Your employees will love the light. The first thing we hear is I can see the writing on the packages.

Depending upon what kind of High or Low Bay lighting you have we can Retrofit or Provide a New LED Energy Saving Fixture or retrofit LED that will save you up to 80% in electricity and basically eliminate you’re maintenance for over 10 Years.

There are 4 ways we can update your existing High Bay Lighting to an LED light. Let's talk about existing Fluorescent tubing. We find this kind of lighting in all different kinds of applications from small manufacturing plants up to large distribution centers with ceilings up to 40' tall. In either case we have a solution that will make everyone happy.

The Next Generation In Facility Lighting

Eliminate T12, T8, and T5 Tubes

This is a typical application of a large 100,000 Square Foot warehouse that was using (96”)Double T12 High Output Lamps. They spent about $3000 a year in maintenance on these T12 Light Fixtures. Our LED Super Strips will eliminate their lighting maintenance for the next 10 Plus years and they will reduce their energy consumption by 57% and increase their light output by up to 30%. We can replace any T5, T8, T12 or LED Tube Light and save you money.

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Use Your Existing Fixture
Pull Out Existing Tubes
Insert New LED Super Strips
Service Facility Lighting Wisconsin
Freezer Large Distributor Lighting Wisconsin

The Facts


➤ Linear LED Super Strips have no mercury.
➤ No flickering or buzzing equals no migraines or headaches
➤ No glass to shatter

Operating cost

➤ 50 - 70% reduction in wattage with LED linear strips over T-8, T-12 and T-5 florescent bulbs
➤ No disposal cost for a linear LED Super Strip
➤ Eliminate Maintenance Cost for 10 Plus Years

Operating performance

➤ Up to 30% more light output with LED linear strips
➤ 117,000 hour life Linear LED strips are up to 75% more efficient. Fluorescent bulbs last an average of 16,000 hrs.
➤ LED linear strips still give off Light at End-Of-Life, 70% - Florescent bulbs are dead at end of life.
➤ In order to keep up with LED linear strips, you will have to replace the T8 bulbs 6 times.

The Second Way Is To Use One Of Our LED Retrofit Light Kits.

The easiest way is to use one of our LED Retrofit Lights that uses your existing fixture. It takes about 20 minutes to convert one of these to an LED Retrofit and the results will be a huge increase in light that is hitting the floor and shelves and up to a 80% decrease in your energy bill plus the new LED retrofit will last up to 100,000 hours so no more maintenance for 10+ years.

LED Retrofit Light Kits
LED Retrofit Light Kits

There are many applications we have done including high school gyms, large distribution warehoues and more. We can even get you a new metal or plasmatic high bay light fixture with a new LED light fit for your exact application. The best way to find out which one works best is to give one of our LED lighting specialist a call. Will help you pick out the one that will best for your application.

The Third Way To Replace Your Existing High Bay Lights Is With A New LED High Bay Light Fixture.

There are actually 3 choices to pick from when looking at a New LED High Bay Light Fixture.

LED High Bay Light Fixture
LED High Bay Light Fixture
LED High Bay Light Fixture

You can replace with a new aluminum High Bay Light Fixture or a Prismatic High Bay Light fixture or a New Super High Bay UFO looking fixture for higher wattages. Either one will work for most applications.

The Fourth Choice Is Using One Of Our LED Cob Lights

We can replace any HID lamp from 100W up to 400W and even higher with our fan cooled high end Cob Lights. Whatever you have we can offer you an alternative that will do the job and fit your budget.

Call any one of our LED Lighting Specialist to find out what will work best for your application.

LED Cob Lights

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