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It May Be Worth It For You To Buy New Rather Than Retrofit!

We have a complete line of new LED Light Fixtures that will fit any outside parking lot applications you have.

The way it use to be for outdoor LED parking lot lighting was Retrofitting your existing metal halide or high pressure sodium shoebox lighting to retrofit LED lights. This was the best way to update to LED lighting to saving money and eliminate maintenance. Two of our main replacements today are the 400W shoebox and the 1000W shoebox. For the 400W we usually use our 120W LED parking lot light fixtures. For the 1000W we use our 200W, 240W or 300W parking lot lighting fixtures.This all depends on the outdoor LED lighting application. We look at the existing parking area lighting to determine the best fit for the LED shoebox lighting. Today there are several choices for retrofitting LED parking lot lights.

Today the difference in price is only $40 to $60. If you look at having this light for 10 years that is only $4.00 to $6.00 per year extra. Warranties and lifetime are the same and the new Light Fixtures look a lot more modern.

LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures

LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures

LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures

How To Replace Your Existing Horizontal and Vertical Recessed Can Lamps

➤ Use a 6W PL Lamp with 620 Lumens to replace your existing 26W or 32W (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Lamps up to 9’ High (horizontal can)

➤ Use a 8W PL Lamp with 850 Lumens to replace your existing 26W or 32W (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Lamp from 9’ to 15’ High (horizontal can)

➤ Use a 11W PL Lamp with 1470 Lumens to replace your existing 32W (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Lamp from 15’ to 22’ High. Can must be 8” Wide (horizontal can)

➤ Use one of our Corn Cob LED Lights for Recessed Can Lights that are higher than 15’-22’ High.

New LED Pole Light Fixtures From 60W to 450W.

Our standard LED Parking Lot Fixture above is available in sizes from 60W with 8100 lumens which would replace a 200W existing metal halide shoebox to a 450W with 64,800 lumens that will replace a 1500 t0 2000W existing shoebox light fixture.

On the far right we have a picture of our new Slim Line LED Shoebox. This unit is available in a 60W with 7800 lumens that will replace a 200W Existing Shoebox up to a 300W LED Shoebox with 39000 lumens that will replace a 1000W existing metal halide parking lot light.

Basic Specifications:

➤ UL cUL certificate

➤ PHILIPS Chip, high CRI

➤ Mean Well IP65 driver,input voltage 100-277VAC

➤ No UV or IR in the beam

➤ Easy to install and operate

➤ Energy saving, long lifespan

➤ Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes

➤ Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming

➤ Green and eco-friendly without

➤ 5 Year Warranty

➤ Long Life Span

LED Pole Light Fixtures

LED Pole Light Fixtures

LED Pole Light Fixtures

Our New LED Light Fixtures can be ordered with several different mounting brackets. They come standard with a Slip Fitter mounting, a direct arm mount or you can order with a yoke bracket mount. Which ever works easier for you. One of our LED lighting experts can help you with this as we determine which light will work best for your application.

Choose The Right LED Light Distribution...It Is Extremely Important

The Other thing to consider is the type of light distributon you will need to get you the best lighting. There are two that we used in most cases. Type III and Type V.

Type III and Type V Lighting

Type III lighting needs to be placed to the side of the area, allowing the light to project outward and fill the area. This produces a filling light flow. Type III light distributions have a preferred lateral width of 40 degrees. This distribution is intended for luminaires mounted at or near the side of medium width roadways or areas, where the width of the roadway or area does not exceed 2.75 times the mounting height. Type V Lighting Is For Center Lighting

Type III and Type V Lighting

Type V produces a circular distribution that has the same intensity at all angles. This distribution has a circular symmetry of candlepower that is essentially the same at all lateral angles. It is intended for luminaire mounting at or near center of roadways, center islands of parkway, and intersections. It is also meant for large, commercial parking lot lighting as well as areas where sufficient, evenly distributed light is necessary. call and tell us the following:

➤ Existing watts

➤ Existing Volts

➤ Height of Light

➤ Style of Fixture

and we will show you the exact light you need to safely light up your lot, provide the highest ROI, last the longest and eliminate you lighting maintenance for decades not a few years. Finally...say goodbye to bucket truck maintenance bills.

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