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Hydro-Platers Inc, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In October you brought a demo light fixture to Hydro-Platers, it was portable so we could position the fixture at various places around the plant to get an idea of the impact your lighting recommendation could have for our people in the office and the production floor. We were impressed, convinced of its' potential and asked for a proposal, soon thereafter we agreed to the proposal.

The installation was seamless working with us not interfering with production process work flow. The team was very professional including disposed of the obsolete bulbs ETC.

MIlwaukee Lighting Company LED Building Retrofit

MIlwaukee Lighting Company LED Building Retrofit

The lighting change over, which you just completed at Hydro-Platers from florescent to LED is having a remarkable impact, all positive! First of all, our electric bill has been reduced by around $1,000.00 per month. Not to be overlooked are the many other positives as well. Our bulb disposal and disposal compliance costs have virtually gone away. We no longer have to use auxiliary lights for inspection, the plant is kept cleaner and plant moral seems to be in a better place.

Had I not personally witnessed the transformation, it would be hard to believe. Without reservation 1 recommend all florescent light users seriously consider making the change. I highly recommend your company to do the job.

"Let There Be Light"

Martin L. Kraninger, President

Rudig Trophies, Wisconsin

Hephatha Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I want to express my sincere appreciation and a magnitude of gratitude to Power & Light Innovations for the work done at Hephatha Lutheran Church and our gymnasium. We have a building that is almost 100 years old and a gymnasium over 50 years old. The gym was very, very, very dimly lit!!! For approximately $2000 we were able to add spectacular lighting to the gym.

We are more than thrilled because now the youth of our church and community have a well-lit gym to utilize for meaningful, healthy activities. There are several community leaders that have undertaken mentoring young boys and girls from the neighborhood. They now have a wonderful place where this can happen. This is a tremendously important mission for our church and for the city of Milwaukee.

We so appreciate the quality and efficiency of the work done by Power & Light Innovations. They have not only saved us money on our utility bills but have added great quality to our facilities. We highly recommend them and their work to others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pastor Mary Martha

Alioto's Restaurant, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

We were so happy with the previous savings from converting our incandescent lighting to LED we decided to bring Power & Light Innovations back to help us convert our inefficient T8 fluorescent lighting to LED. They took the time to instruct our maintenance man on how to bypass the ballast and complete the conversion.

Our kitchen lighting is much brighter creating a better and safer working environment. The staff loves it and the lighting is even better than I expected. The lighting pays for itself as we are experiencing monthly energy savings of more than $1,000. I highly recommend Power & Light Innovations.

Tom Warren

Fein Brothers Restaurant Supply, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Power & Light Innovations replaced our outdated 8’ T12 fixtures with energy efficient 4’ LED tubes. The lighting in our office is of much higher quality and consistency.

Our south showroom is much brighter and it's easier to view the equipment. The installers were very professional, got the job done quickly and did a great job of cleaning up when finished. They also provided documentation that the old fluorescent bulbs and ballasts were disposed of properly.

Our staff is very happy with our brighter working environment and we look forward to seeing a substantial reduction on our energy bills.

Todd Minkin

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